GTA V ENB Graphic Mod v4.5

GTA V ENB Graphic Mod v4.5

GTA V ENB Graphic Mod
The aim of this mod is to make the color and lighting corrections that I personally feel is the perfect one for Grand Theft Auto V and make the already beautiful timecyc by Xilandro, more beautiful.
Also you need to have R☆hancer Graphics Mod 3.0 or VisualV by _Cp_ and robi29 to achieve the same look as I have
Thanks to Xilandro, _Cp_ and robi29 since it was solely based on their mod
During Night time, This mod will make it look really dark so that the lights of Los Santos will stand out a lot more


  • Natural color and natural vibes
  • Enb preset : Version 0.275
  • Realistic Lighting and Sky
  • For Best Experience, set your resolution to 1080p with 4x MSAA if you can handle it, you won’t regret downloading this mod.

Updated 4.5 

  • Added preset for the timecyc of VisualV (As seen on the second and third picture)
  • Lessen the luma sharpen (Just noticed it looked awful)
  • Working with the latest patch as of July 21, 2015.

How to Install ?


RFiD Clear HD


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